Dare to question how your digital solution is built

Rebel and Bird's CEO Jonas Elgquist looks back at the half-year that has been. He talks about the customers' challenges and how to get ahead of their competitors.

Which customers do Rebel and Bird work with today?

- We have a beautiful mix of customers that we are happy and proud to work with. We work with Filmstaden, Parks, and Resorts (which owns Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland and Furuvik), Öresundskraft, Epiroc, Mustaschkampen and Suicide Zero. We also have customers in veterinary care and banking and finance.

- Through such a wide variety of industries, we learn a lot. We can cross-fertilize ideas between the different teams and draw lessons from projects from various sectors. It is very innovative and exciting.

What has been a little extra fun during the first half of the year?

- I think it's enjoyable when we can help our customers save and make money. Today, we help some customers move from native apps to web-based hybrid apps. The new solutions provide better experiences and save our customers enormous amounts of money. It can be about saving up to half a million SEK per month, thanks to new solutions where the cost becomes almost zero. A considerable saving, which is possible because only the web needs maintenance. Technology has come so far that basically everything can be solved with web technology today.

- Another cool thing is that we help Parks and Resorts get a new common platform for all their parks, hotels and restaurants. Instead of having many different systems, we have gathered everything together in one place. In this project, we can see how quickly it is possible to get a new site on the platform. The starting distance is super short, as we can reuse many solutions. It saves a lot of time and money. Also, less maintenance is required when everything is on the same platform.

- Our pod "Growthpodden" has received a lovely response. We notice that many listen to it and appreciate it. It is an essential tool for us to reach out with our message about digital growth. The pod gets more episodes after the summer, so in and listen!

What common challenges do you see with your customers?

- The most common problem we encounter is that they want to do much more than they have in the budget. That is why it is crucial for us at Rebel & Bird to be able to offer solutions that have a short start distance and which at the same time, maintain high quality.

- If you have to do something, you should do it well. Today it is more accurate than ever. There is no room for half-good solutions. Then our customers' competitors will catch up or pass. The end customer today has high expectations and is not as loyal as many wishes.

- Removing unnecessary licensing, operating and administration costs and investing money on digital innovation instead. Many we meet are set to "this is how much it costs."  But it doesn't have to be anymore. It all depends on how the solution is built.

- Most of our customers have about the same budget for their projects, so it's crucial what you where you spend your money. As a client, it is essential to question how to build solutions earlier and to show some courage to think new. The same budget can produce completely different results. It all depends on how you invest the money. It is crucial to think smart if you want to win the customer's favor!