2019 – the year of releases

This year has been such a good year for Rebel and Bird and our customers with many new releases. We got off with a running start in January with a digital presence for Vildmarkshotellet.

The site for Vildmarkshotellet shared many characteristics with our other releases this year:

  • The new digital presence made it easier for both customers and administrators.
  • The site was super fast.
  • It was super easy to keep building out the new site with new features based on data from the customers.

Among the clients that we released new digital solutions for during the year were Epiroc, B3, Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Mustaschkampen, and Öresundskraft.

2019 has been an excellent year for our podcast Growthpodden. Besides recording lots of exciting podcast episodes with knowledgeable people, like Daniel Langkilde from Annotell and SEO expert David Jurelius, Growthpodden joined the stage at the event Next Data by Computer Sweden and IDG.

Jasmin Yaya at the Women in Web Analytics Meetup and Daniel Mijic at the PWA Meetup.

During the year, we invited people into our office lots of times to share our knowledge and be a part of the conversation. 

  • At the Contentful Meetup, our expert Tomas Billborn shared how he used Gatsby, Contentful, and Azure to help develop a new web application for Parks and Resorts, owner of many amusement parks in Sweden.
  • In a Meetup in June, Daniel Mijic, Growth Lead here at Rebel and Bird, shared the significant advantages of building Progressive Web Apps.
  • For the Women in Web Analytics Meetup, our Growth Lead Jasmin Yaya shared her knowledge about how shops should implement measurements in their physical stores.
We had a booth together with Contentful at Webbdagarna.

And in March we joined Sweden’s premier web conference Webbdagarna on stage with a well-received talk together with Parks and Resorts.

Fun and games with semla buns and CS: GO.

But as usual, all work and no play makes Rebel and Bird a boring office.  So we got together and did fun, social things as often as possible. 

  • The Rebel and Lan crew got together and played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 
  • We tested semla buns, licorice, and saffron buns. 
  • Instead of our yearly test of cinnamon buns, we went down to Kolmården to do a thorough, fun, and enjoyable user testing of the Wildlife Park. 

And in December, we welcomed 11 new, excited, and highly skilled new employees from Nectima to our now rather cramped office.