Video chat

2021 - Video chat a must to gain loyalty

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Most people have probably understood by now that we need the video chat function more than ever and that our priorities for 2021 have changed.

We at Rebel and Bird have seen a sharp increase in demand for video chat solutions, and during this strange time, we have gained a great deal of experience and expertise in the field from both large and small B2C and B2B project deliveries.

In addition to the video chat solution, there are also requirements for a robust and flexible service layer to implement more services and offers to increase value for the customer.

We have evaluated different technical platforms to find a stable and scalable combination of products that work together in different environments. We know that it can quickly become complex when various components and services have to communicate in different environments, so we are a little extra proud of the environment we have now developed as a kind of "reference environment."

If you want a demo or know more about how we can help you create the new customer meeting with the help of video, contact our sales manager Andreas Eriksson.