Amusement parks kick off data-driven workflow - Growthpodden live

Rebel and Bird’s Growthpodden will be on stage at D-Congress 2020 the 5th of March for an in-depth interview with digital manager Johanna Kjellser from Parks and Resorts.

Johanna Kjellser heads up the digital presence for amusement parks Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland and Furuvik will share their journey in becoming more customer centric by using growth methodology.

Within a year Parks and Resorts has, together with Rebel and Bird aggressively yet very effectively launched new websites for all four amusement parks and, they are not done. A first launch is just the start, next comes optimizing both revenue and customer satisfaction.

During the fall Kolmården started conducting experiments onsite that has given surprisingly impactful results for their business and Gröna Lund is also conducting tests in the park to see if it produced better results.

Listen to a super interesting interview where Rebel and Birds Linda Eriksson will explain what growth methodology means and the benefit of experimenting, and Johanna tells you what they did to kick off the workflow at Parks and Resorts.

Not joining us at D-Congress? Stay tuned for the podcast episode at Spotify and other platforms.

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