Gröna Lund Priskalender

Better price if you book your Gröna Lund visit in advance

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

If you know what day you’re going to visit Gröna Lund, now you can book your tickets in advance and get a better price as a bonus.

It’s fun when our clients want to test themselves to learn more and continuously get better. 

New ways of packaging and selling our products are a big part of our digitalization. We hope to get a real win-win-win, thanks to this solution. It will let our guests get a better price and, at the same time, make it easier for staff operations when they know how many guests they can expect. This makes the experience in the park even better for our guests, says Niklas Wikman, project manager for digitization at Parks and Resorts. 

During this year, we will gather all the Parks and Resorts theme parks’ websites on a common platform. Many sites with many different functionalities will be collected. To achieve the best results, we at Rebel and Bird encourage our clients to build small solutions. This way, we can quickly test, analyze, learn from data and then improve and build on it. It’s what we do with Parks and Resorts. 

The test this time is in the form of a campaign site. Gröna Lund wants to find out if their visitors like to buy their tickets in advance at a more favorable price. Visitors can get a little extra discount if they choose to buy tickets for days that are not the theme park’s most visited weekdays. 

By offering visitors the opportunity to buy tickets in advance for a lower price, Gröna Lund hopes to be able to get people to visit their parks more days of the week and get a better overview of when the park will have an increased number of visitors.