Everyone knows that you can not survive on one-time customers

In this episode of Growthpodden, you will find answers on how to get help to run digital transformation.

We also tell you what skills you need to have with you on that trip and why it is so important to have an analyst on the team. Regardless of the industry and customer experience that you work with — these tips are worth gold!
The podcast is in Swedish.

Show notes:

01:00 Joni talks about her favorite series, “Million Pound Menu,” which they then use as an example during the episode.

02:03 When it comes to digital business, few companies are working on testing their concept. Why?

03:28 What does digital transformation mean? Joni presents the idea and talks about her experience of working with organizational change.

04:46 What can you do if you find it challenging to understand and run digital transformation?

05:40 Examples of what competencies in your organization can help you implement digital transformation.

07:24 The goal of digital businesses and what roles should be included in the journey to achieve the goal.

09:29 Joni talks about how the company Dreams changed their organization to grow their business. If you want to know more about the details of how Dreams did, you can listen to our interview in the pod section, “This is how the popular savings app Dreams creates digital growth.”

10:29 Joni has worked with some of Sweden’s largest companies who want to become more digital but lack a digital history. Everyone has had to think about the structure of their organization. But has the solution been the same for everyone?

11:42 The difference between optimizing from what you see in a physical restaurant, compared to a digital store.

13:43 Practicing at customer service is the best there is, so what do we get out of it?

15:00 Having an analyst in your team is gold. Joni and Jasmin tell us the vast benefits of this.

17:13 What does an analyst and marketer in the team need to understand?

18:04 What questions should you keep an eye on to understand your product’s growth?