Gröna Lund – a fast-paced site

Rebel and Bird have now launched Gröna Lund's new website - the second site on Parks and Resorts amusement park's shared platform.

Are you looking for something fast-paced? Or is it the concerts that attract this summer? Regardless of interest, Gröna Lund now has a website that is very easy to navigate for visitors. It is a simple and stylish design that clearly shows prices, schedules, length requirements for the attractions, and what kind of food the park offers.

Rebel and Bird love data-driven working methods, and the development of Gröna Lund's site was no exception. For example, A / B testing on existing sites found the best way to sell tickets on the home page. By trying different contrast colors and copy for the ticket element, you could see that sales increased by as much as 25%!

The websites of Parks and Resorts (Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland, and Furuvik)  are being brought together on a common platform. This way, it makes it easy to update all information for all parks from one place, which simplifies the work of the editors. Also, all developed solutions can apply to all amusement park sites, which is cost-effective and quickly implemented.

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