Growth hacking for e-commerce

The podcast “E-handelstrender” interviews Rebel and Birds Growth Director Joni Lindgren. She explains why it’s so important to work with a growth methodology to grow your business.

Growth hacking can be challenging to work within traditional organizations that are hierarchically organized. As the backlog grows, it’s often difficult for the growth team to advance in the queue even if they have hard numbers to support their case.

A pitfall with growth hacking is that the organization does not capture the lessons learned from the tests. It is crucial that someone owns and is responsible for lessons learned through the tests.

In this episode you will learn:
  • What growth methodology means
  • What the conditions are for success with Growth.
  • Why analysis is important for success and understanding.
  • Why E-commerce should work with the growth methodology.
  • How to get started and what will be the next step.
E-handelstrender podcast

E-handelstrender is an e-commerce podcast that comes out every week. Program Manager Urban Lindstedt discusses the latest in e-commerce with well-known e-commerce profiles. Three topics in 30+ minutes where the contributors keep you updated every week.

In addition, well-known and unknown e-retailers are interviewed about their entrepreneurial journey in a digital age.