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Heart-Lung Foundations’ new website launched

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird have built the Heart-Lung Foundations’ new website. With better user experience and beautiful sleek design, it will generate more money for vital research.

The Heart-Lung Foundation needed a new website that would help them increase the donations to the organization as well as facilitate their editors in their everyday work. 

The Heart-Lung Foundation got a new CMS platform, Contentful, where editors get a lot more freedom in their work. The site load times and overall performance were greatly improved based on an architecture utilizing Kubernetes and microservices combined with GatsbyJs and static site generation, increasing both the conversion rate and overall experience for the end-users.

Rebel and Bird have improved the donor experience through data-driven solutions for all donor levels on the site. That means everything from individual gifts, memorial gifts, to support in making a possible decision to donate all or part of the assets you leave behind. Now both donors and visitors, who want to know more about diseases, will find what they are looking for.

It has been a privilege to work with an organization and product that enables more research for one of our major diseases. I am also delighted that the project was delivered on time, under budget, and has reached the goals we set for performance and conversion rate, says Joni Lindgren, Growth Director at Rebel and Bird.

Donations to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation are vital as the organization fund research and dissemination of awareness about the significant diseases of our time, heart, and lung diseases. 

Join in and be a part of the solution you too!