How data can help stores create a better customer experience

In this episode of Growthpodden, you will take part of Jasmin Yaya’s popular trend research about how physical retail stores can survive.

Listen when Jasmin Yaya and Joni Lindgren discuss what physical retail stores need to do to exceed consumer expectations and the online shopping experience.

Jasmin has lectured for, among others, 200 expansion managers in the retail industry, for 400 property owners and store managers at the Real Estate World Seminars Shopping Center and Shops 2018 and the Real Estate Market 2019 at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.

Are customers willing to share their data at any cost? Joni has tried the Zozo-suit, which gives her tailor-made clothes, only they get to take her body measurements.

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Show notes

00.43 Joni Lindgren is one of 100 000 people who received the “Zozo suit.” She talks about how she has photographed herself in the suit at 12 different angles to read the body measurements, and then received a pair of custom-made jeans and a t-shirt in her size.

04.26 Jasmin talks about her trend research for physical stores and why the stores will not look as they do today.

05.55 There are no boundaries between online and offline. The world’s best e-retailers know what they need to do to meet customer expectations, now they are taking their experience and applying it to their physical stores.

07.34 Jasmin answers the question, “Are people willing to share data and why?” How do shops online, respectively offline, use that data?

10.22 How can you use the technology to get data about your customers in the physical store?

13:20 Jasmin tells you what stores should do to be able to deliver a fantastic personalized experience for their customers.

14.57 Joni and Jasmin discuss newsletters that stores send out and how they are not personalized.