Kolmården - A ridiculously fast website

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird are proud to announce that the new website for Kolmården has been launched and its ridiculously fast.

Parks and Resorts grand digital investment is progressing at a fast pace and www.kolmarden.com is the first amusement park that gets its new website on the common web platform.

We have earlier talked about the digital full tie-back that is being made by Parks and Resorts together with Rebel and Bird. To give you a quick recap; The digital venture contains everything from new websites for their different amusement parks, to the task of strengthening the physical experience of the amusement parks with digital components. The purpose is to amplify the relationship to the visitors, increase the customer benefit and to simplify the experience for the visitors, before, during and after they visit an amusement park or hotel.

Parks and Resorts (Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland och Furuvik) web sites will be gathered on a communal platform. In this way, it is easy to update all information from one common place, which simplifies their work. In addition, all solutions that are developed can be applied to all amusement park sites.

Kolmårdens Vildmarkshotell was launched earlier this year and now kolmarden.com has finally been released as well.

The site is built with Contentful, Azure, Gatsby and React; a solution that makes the site extremely fast, and gives its visitors a world-class performance experience. Make sure to visit the site and experience the performance for yourself. Read more in detail on how the solution is built.

The site is meant to inspire and entice the users to visit the animal park.

There are real needs and behaviors that are the foundation for the new website. It is produced first hand for mobile users since 85% of the Kolmården visitors are mobile users. This made the design work extra fun.

We did several customer interviews in order to find out how the visitors planned their visits to Kolmården. As it turned out quite a lot of people buy tickets on dates that fit them, in order to then make their day planning on the journey to the park. The mobile phone is, therefore, an important tool to support planning the experience.

There were also a lot of things like for example the dolphin show or Bamse’s World, which the rest of the planning had to take into account. The more experienced visitors new that a day wasn’t enough for a visit and therefore always booked a room at Vildmarkshotellet. A big advantage of this, according to the customers, was that you could enter the park an hour before opening. This resulted in an extended adventure for the entire family. This information was combined with the data collected from Google Analytics which provided us with the insight that visitors had a large interest in pages containing information about animals and where tickets were available for purchase.

You could think that the target audience is families with children. However, there are no such target audiences. There is a target audience which is children, then of course parents. Therefore we created a strategy for how to best communicate with the different target audiences. The children will visit kolmarden.com and read about the different animals and what you can do while being there. In this particular case, it is important to use easily read language with shorter words, sentences and paragraphs. The parents will look at more practical things like opening hours, logistics and restaurants. Here clarity is of utmost importance.

The website has gotten bright colors, alongside the already warm green color of Kolmården. The design is pure and distinct which makes it easier for the visitors to get a good overlook of the different experiences they can take part in while visiting. A nice detail is that all pages now are decorated with different animal- and nature patterns.

On the site we have also brought forward the really important work of preserving endangered animal species that is being done by Kolmården. Amongst that is their work protecting nature reserves from poachers, to assess the range of distribution areas and to care for sick or wounded animals. 

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