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Kolmården’s website is listed as one of Sweden's 100 best websites by IDG

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird together with Parks and Resorts are very proud that Kolmården's website is listed as one of Sweden's 100 best websites 2020.

Kolmården's website is also listed as one of the five best Turism websites in Sweden.

– Thanks to our new digital solutions, we've managed to tackle many of the challenges that the corona pandemic has posed to our business. We have moved most of our sales to digital platforms and introduced appointments for both park entrances and animal guided tours. It has enabled safe guest flows and helped us avoid congestion while offering our guests equally good experiences. We can also see a change in behavior among the guests who have become better at pre-booking and planning their visit and canceled their booking if they have become ill. Proof that we have succeeded with our digital strategy is that over 70% have chosen digital annual cards over plastic cards for next year's season. We are very proud of our digital platforms' development, says Joanna Hammar, Marketing Director at Parks and Resorts, which owns Kolmårdens Djurpark.

– “It is truly an honor to have the project you have worked on listed as one of Sweden's 100 best websites. It has been a fantastic collaboration between Rebel and Bird and Parks and Resorts, it is fun that it gives such great results”, says Beatrice Carlsson, project manager at Rebel and Bird. 

In 2019, Kolmården won silver in the Swedish Design Award in the digital E-commerce category.

Topp100 is presented by IDG.se in collaboration with Webbdagarna. This year's jury consists of Mats Stålbröst, web editor at IDG.se, Elin Häggberg, technology blogger and journalist, Julia Skott, journalist and author, and Thord D. Hedengren, entrepreneur and author.