Öresundskraft + Rebel and Bird = True!

Rebel and Bird are now embarking on the multi-year project to create innovative solutions for the digital customer meeting, which ensures that Öresundskraft’s customers’ needs are always in focus.

Here, Rebel and Bird’s Benjamin Glaser works with the project team at Öresundskraft to create a unified picture of customer needs for the next ten years.

Öresundskraft is a different company in the Swedish electricity market. They have long created sustainable energy solutions, but they sell not only electricity and district heating but also fiber to private individuals and companies in northwestern Skåne. Now Rebel and Bird and B3IT are helping Öresundskraft to create a world-class digital customer meeting.

Öresundskraft is a company that is at the forefront of this development, which is evident, among other things, in the running of Europe’s most modern waste-fired cogeneration plant, the Filbornaplant. Also, their planned expansion of district cooling, which was awarded at the UN Climate Summit in Bonn these days.

But how do you create award-winning digital services from what customers benefit?

We are working towards two parallel time horizons at the same time, partly the short: What will help Öresundkraft’s customers most in the next year, and a longer one: What do the customers want in ten years?

Especially in the long term, it is easy to come up with many different innovative ideas. Still, the challenge is always to decide what focus you should have and what categories of ideas to prioritize.

An excellent way to keep track of the priorities is to start with the business goals and knowledge of the business and then find out the customers’ needs and desires and, last but not least, check it all against overall trends and prospects.

Now we continue the work of creating a world-class customer meeting.