Rebel and Bird gives B3 a brand new outfit

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird is one of B3’s specialist companies, and over the past year, we have collaborated with B3 to develop B3’s brand with a new visual identity and a brand new website.

B3 Consulting Group is today one of Sweden’s fastest-growing consulting companies with more than 650 employees. B3 helps companies and organizations create tomorrow’s opportunities with the help of digitalization and business development.

The new site launched in September has refined the offer with a focus on a clearer “Call-to-action”, in a modern design that shows the identity of the new B3 Consulting Group. The site now serves as a shop window for B3 with a focus on attracting interest and making the visitor curious to know more.

So the work went on

Initially, Rebel and Bird did a target group and needs analysis. B3’s communications council then had to dig into their site and list which pages they liked and why.

A content strategy was put together with guidelines on content and whom to target. B3’s communications team then started substantial content work, and all texts were reworked with a focus on shorter and clearer messages and to attract interest with compelling customer cases.

The site uses Contentful, which provides better opportunities for a data-driven way of working. The new brand design aims to stand out in comparison to other consulting companies. That is why B3 has got bold, bold typography, bright colors, plenty of air, and a better user interface. Now the structure is more natural to navigate through, the content is quicker to access, and the site gives a consistent expression with clear messages.

Assignment: Visual identity, website and content strategy

Technician: Contentful, GatsbyJS, React

Website: www.b3.se

Competences in the project: UX designer, backend, frontend, content strategist, analyst, project manager, and architect.