Score hypotheses — How SVT prioritizes

Daniel Hansson, Product Owner at SVT talks about how he has built up the growth team and processes at SVT.

He also shares how they prioritize which ideas are worth testing. This is Growthpodden's first live podcast recorded at the Next Data conference in Stockholm. Watch the full interview from the event here.

You can significantly increase your team’s accuracy and efficiency by analyzing and scoring your hypotheses. Daniel has created an excellent framework for scoring ideas. You can read more about it on Daniel’s blog in Swedish.

Here you can download Daniel’s template for scoring ideas and make it your own.

Daniel Hansson's scoring ideas template

Next Data is an event organized by Computer Sweden, IDG. The event is all about how to use data in the right way to innovate, develop, and find new services and improve existing ones. In the coming episode of Growthpodden, you can hear them talk about how to prioritize the right ideas in a growth project at SVT.

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