Secure digital growth – 5 rules for business leaders

Jasmin and Joni are giving you detailed steps on what to focus on to make your business grow.

A new episode of Growthpodden is out! An episode where they also generously explain what a priority model and a North Star Metric is, as well as some interesting examples from case studies.

Talk to the leader in these bullets.

The leader would not keep the data clean but allocate budget, for example.

1. Business leaders need to assign a proper budget for data collection and maintenance.

2. You, as the leader has to set and communicate goals that drive business benefits and user benefits (North Star Metric).

3. Leadership mindset: learn fast through experiments.

4. What should the leader do, and what should they delegate?

5. Make sure that your organization follows up on the impact of every new feature implemented.

The podcast is in Swedish.