Share and spread insights from experiments

This episode of Growthpodden provides specific tips on how to spread insights from the growth process to accelerate growth even more.

Growthpodden got a question on Facebook by Christoffer Pettersson at Minna Technologies that sounded like this:

“Fun and inspirational pod! 😊👍 I am a growth lead at Minna Technologies, and I lead a team of four people who work with high tempo testing. We roll out 3 tests/week against 300,000 app users. It would be nice if you shared your thoughts on documenting learnings and the challenge of sharing them with the rest of the organization. Looking forward to more episodes 🙌 ”

Joni and Jasmin from Rebel & Bird answer the questions about how they get the whole organization on a data-driven growth process and specialist on A/B testing, Ida Kjelldahl, also offers two concrete tips. So here, you get a section with five tips that anyone can start doing tomorrow. It will have a direct effect on making the organization more data-driven, and you may become the most popular person in the office. ;)

Listen to the latest episode of Growthpodden.

Show notes:

01:25 Joni explains why she always uses the NorthStar tool and also tips on a similar tool, Effective Experiments.

03:40 Jasmin tips that she used the Jira tool in much the same way as NorthStar, a hack she used in an organization that didn't want to bring in another tool.

05:21 Joni talks about stakeholder mapping as a way to personalize insights to your colleagues, depending on what different people have the most benefit from knowing.

06:45 Joni introduces growth demos, weekly standups where we get everyone's ears and eyes on the growth process and what they teach us. Great place to reflect with colleagues from other parts of the organization about how they can use lessons learned from analysis and experimentation.

10:10 Ida and Jasmin remind you to speak the same language as your colleagues. Otherwise, no one will understand.

10:40 The section gems tips. Use Kahoot and do quizzes so your colleagues can compete against each other for who knows the most about your users. This trick has given Jasmin standing ovations on her growth demos.