Super fast web launch of Bambuser’s new flagship product

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

The Swedish livestreaming company Bambuser needed to show the potential of their new flagship product ”Live Video Shopping”. Rebel and Bird created a new website with a modern design and fast web tools, built on data.

Bambuser’s new product, Live Video Shopping, is the first SaaS solution in Europe and Northern America that enables brands and retailers to cater live-streaming with interactive shopping features integrated with their e-commerce.

The assignment was to build a modern and stylish website for Bambuser that would attract their new customers. The website would be able to launch fast without compromising the quality or the user experience.

The main goal of the website was to be able to showcase Bambuser’s new product and the benefits of it and to let the potential customers register to get more information. The second goal was to attract developers to download Bambuser’s SDK (Software developer kit).

We are excited with our cooperation. Rebel and Bird has proved to be both agile and proactive and with an eye for detail while running towards tight deadlines. We chose to work with Doberman and Rebel and Bird, two agencies that are best-in-class in their respective areas and are happy to launch a brand identity and a new website with outstanding quality and design in record time, says Oscar Samuelsson, Chief Brand Officer at Bambuser.

It was important to move fast from first brief to launch. That meant that we created an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that only contained what was essential for the launch and that both Rebel and Bird as well Bambuser could continue to develop after the launch, when the data arrived.

Bambuser’s new website is built in Webflow. A CMS that makes it easy to launch a site fast and it is also easy for the owner to continue to develop the website. Webflow also gives the editors massive freedom in their work, which saves a lot of time.

Just like Rebel and Bird, Bambuser loves to work data-driven. Therefore, it was essential to implement a usable tracking on the site. So that it is easy for Bambuser to see what needs to change and how new changes are working for the website target groups.

Working with Bambuser, a world-leading live-streaming company, which is also growing rapidly, has been extremely educative and exciting. I am convinced that this is the future of e-commerce and it has been fun to be part of that journey, says Erik Westerdahl, Team Manager and Growth Lead at Rebel and Bird.

Bambuser is a Swedish company founded in 2007. They are world-famous for their mobile streaming technology and are used worldwide and by hundreds of apps and websites, ranging from sporting events, trivia apps to drones.