Sjö- fjällhem hero

Sweden's first site for listing residential objects located close to Swedish lakes, seas or mountains

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird have designed and developed a brand new site for Nordic Propertysearch, to help brokers grow their business.

Nordic Propertysearch (NPS) wanted to scale their business, understand their users, and provide their current and potential customers with clear business value.

The result? A scalable platform with full tracking of visitor behavior, a flexible, headless CMS, and a performance-optimized search engine that combines both customized campaign areas and fast filtering of search results.

Nordic Propertysearch's site Sjö- and Fjällhem is Sweden's first site for listing residential objects located close to lakes, seas, or mountains.

They want to complement the existing sites for listing residential objects by offering a more precise and specialized alternative. So, instead of making the user scroll through many objects and trying to find those few hits that match their requests, Sjö- and Fjällhem deliver the best hits at the user's first search. 

NPS wanted a scalable solution for entering new markets with their business. They also requested a site where they could track their user’s behavior to collect as much data as possible to strengthen their business offer for brokers.  Therefore Rebel and Bird built a solution that gives NPS full control over their data, focusing on user behaviors that result in actual leads and value for the brokers.

We needed a solid- and intelligent platform to be able to offer our customers- and users relevant content and data. Nordic Propertysearch's business is growing and we felt a need to create a stronger structural capital, which Rebel and Bird has helped us with, says Niclas Larsson, CEO at Sjö- och Fjällhem. 

To optimize the site structure, Rebel and Bird built one service layer shared by all sites, Sjö- and Fjällhem, and Solhem, another NPS site developed by Rebel and Bird that lists objects in Spain.

The site has been developed with Contentful and Gatsby, to gain the best performance possible, optimized for mobile users. 

The system is integrated with four different broker platforms - Fasit, Vitech, Mspecs, and Fasad, which makes it possible for all brokers that are connected to the platform to add all their residential objects situated by water or mountains. There is also an open API so that brokers with other systems can connect to the platform.

The solution makes it easy for NPS to create and promote tailored campaign areas and matching them with available residential objects.

The design and UX presents an easy and accessible experience while delivering a sense of value for the users. Therefore, search and filter actions are key features - finding what you're searching for fast is fundamental when developing a site like this.