The Episerver developer is a central piece of the puzzle at Rebel and Bird

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Take a project manager, a strategist, a designer, a systems architect, an Episerver developer, a front end developer, and a present customer. There you have a basic recipe for a successful web project.

One of the best things about the mix of agency and development culture we have here at Rebel and Bird is the vast expertise that the team members have in so many areas, which together allows us to take the whole from a vision to a complete solution.

A developer at Rebel and Bird is already involved in the project from the beginning. We do it like this because we want the developer to contribute their unique skills early and not just be a performer. We don’t believe in throwing a developer late in the process and dropping a backlog in the lap is the right solution. We think it is essential to take advantage of each individual’s skills from beginning to end.

When we build Episerver solutions, it’s not just a publishing tool, but it’s a part of an advanced integration project. For example, ticket handling, payment system, member login, or invoice handling.

In the projects, Episerver developers sit together with, for example, data analysts as well as UX and visual designers. It is an exciting and valuable combination that makes it easier for everyone to be able to test and iterate on the solution directly. Of course, this also applies to how we work with the customer. The customer is always closely involved. Our developers make many decisions about how the client’s editors will work, and the closer they work with them, the better the solution.

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Hi, Magnus Olsson! What does a regular working day look like for you?

“In my current assignment, I sit a lot at the customers’ office, which is good because I have daily communication with several different departments. Right now, I am focusing on improving and simplifying the work of editors and staff with the new solution that we have developed.”

What is the most fun challenge you have solved when working with Episerver?

“In one of my assignments, I was involved in developing a new intranet built on Episerver CMS 6. With around 5,000 active users and 15 full-time editors, they wanted to make the intranet more dynamic and personal. We then created a widget framework where users could choose which widgets they wanted on the home page, with their own/dynamic content. For example, notepads, contact lists, and custom RSS feeds.”

Why should you work at Rebel and Bird?

“Here, you work with inspiring colleagues who are passionate about developing, not just within their field of expertise. We have competence throughout the journey, from idea/problem to delivered solution.”

“It is both exciting and successful to be involved early in the process and build data-driven solutions.”

Marie Foisack, what does a typical working day look like for you?

“I usually work in agile teams with larger Episerver projects. During an ordinary working day, I work with everything from developing functions in Episerver and integrating with other systems to looking at requirements or check on the environments, which you mostly find in Azure.”

What is the most fun challenge you have solved when working with Episerver?

“It’s fun to be at the forefront and dare to try new features in Episerver projects, such as Forms or headless thinking. A particularly fun challenge was my first major Episerver Commerce project. Despite many similarities with the CMS product, there are also lots of things to think about in the e-commerce solution and to make the editors’ everyday life more comfortable.”

Why should you work at Rebel and Bird?

“The colleagues! It becomes so much more valuable when everyone is engaged and interested in performing and has a high level of expertise in their unique areas. Which, in turn, contributes to great freedom in the projects, which also means more responsibility. It’s fun when you get to challenge yourself.”

What does a regular working day look like for you, Robert Lundeqvist?

“Right now, there is a lot of implementation of the measurement tools Google Tag Manager and its friend Google Analytics. I follow up on what is measured and see where we lack the data to create the right conditions for a fair analysis of the customer’s website. I also get to work a lot with A/B testing and get into major Episerver solutions for exciting new customers.”

What is the most fun challenge you have solved when working with Episerver?

“The most rewarding was when I was able to work closely with an editor and make her work much more manageable by creating custom-built properties. With the help of the framework, I was able to expand existing features in a way that the editor needed. To see how another person’s daily work changes so positively by one’s efforts was a lot of fun!”

Why should you work at Rebel and Bird?

“If you like to be early in the project and influence with your technical expertise. Testing and iterating the solutions you develop is self-evident. Base decisions on data, not opinions. Work close to awesome colleagues.”

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