The first step towards a complete experience for Heart-Lung Foundation donors

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

The partnership will generate more money for vital research through better user experience for editors as well as visitors.

Rebel and Bird are building a new website for the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation, partly to give editors more freedom in their work and partially to improve the donor experience for all donor levels on the site. That is, everything from individual gifts, memorial gifts, to support in making a possible decision to donate all or part of the assets you leave behind.

The first project in brief

CMS platform change to Contentful that gives freedom to editors

Stable, changeable and cost-effective architecture

Better user experience both for those who want to learn about diseases and those who wish to donate to research

Reduced load times which among other things increase conversion rate

Partnership in general

Improve donations by using digital and data-driven solutions

Increase digital capabilities and knowledge in the organization

Donations to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation are vital as they fund research and dissemination of awareness about the significant diseases of our time, heart, and lung diseases. 

Join in and be a part of the solution you too!