Vildmarkshotellet is first out in Parks and Resort's digital venture

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

We are proud to announce that Vildmarkshotellet’s new website is the first in Parks and Resort’s new large digital venture, where their hotels and amusement parks come together on a common digital platform.

Parks and Resorts is the Nordic region’s leading player in the experience industry. The group includes some of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations; Green Lund, Kolmården, Furuvik, and Skara Summerland.

Now Parks and Resorts are making a significant digital investment where all their businesses will use a common platform where they can update all information from one place, which simplifies work. The digital initiative includes everything from new websites to enhancing the physical experience of the theme parks with digital components. The purpose of the new websites is to strengthen the relationship with the visitors and increase the customer experience. The digital investment will also make it faster and cheaper to develop the sites thanks to coordination and own development.

The structure of the new website feels completely obvious and professionally made, clear and simple yet modern! Just what we want to achieve, says Johanna Kjellser, Digital Manager at Parks and Resorts.

We have built Vildmarkshotellet’s website in Contentful, a scalable solution that makes it easy to accelerate and build on for future needs. Up-to-date data on how visitors move on the site is collected using Guess.js. The website uses this information to determine whether it should preload pages that the visitor might read. The preload makes the site much faster. The new site aims to simplify the hotel guests and conference organizers and make them more independent.

The choice of Contentful and Gatsby feels good based on our strategy of building our new digital platform on components that are best suited to their respective functions, says Niklas Wikman, project manager Parks and Resorts.

Parks and Resorts include some of the country’s premiere adventure parks: Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Furuvik, Skara Summerland, and Aquaria. Together, almost three million guests visit the parks annually and employ more than 3,300 people, including 370 on an annual basis.