This is how a modern electricity company should communicate - customers’ decide

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird is proud to announce that Öresundskraft’s new website is live. We developed it based on continuous feedback from Öresundskraft’s most committed customers. Enthusiasts can now dig into their energy consumption.

Rebel and Bird work with Öresundskraft’s digital customer experience and how they can digitize and optimize their business now and in the future. The project has the whole package. We have created a vision for the future of Öresundskraft, a digital strategy, a messaging platform, a target group analysis, a content strategy, and a categorization of their offers to customers.

A large part of the work is about making Öresundskraft’s customers Sweden’s most satisfied customers. It’s with pride that we say that Öresundskraft’s customers are among Sweden’s most satisfied electric customers today already!

On Öresundskraft’s new site, customers can keep track of their energy consumption smoothly and it is easy to keep track of invoices. For real enthusiasts, there are now detailed views on how much their solar cell plants produce. Also, we visualize this complex data in an easily understandable way.

Rebel and Bird made the site so that it first and foremost works excellent on mobile. Of course, it will work on other devices as well. But all statistics show that mobile is what Öresundskraft’s customers use in mostly.

No content should be more than three clicks away for the customer. To make sure the UX design is logical and easy to use, Rebel and Bird did user tests of the concept early in the process.

But not only that. As soon as we could, we opened a beta site where customers that we invited could test the site.

We have continuously updated the beta site with improvements and new features, which customers have been able to continue testing. The closed beta then became an open beta. The closer we got to the launch, the more Öresundskraft asked its customers to test the new site. We did the recruitment using banners on the old site, and in the end, we redirected the customers to the new site. In this way, we have continuously received feedback and been able to create the best possible website for Öresundskraft’s customers.

It is essential to meet the customer’s needs and not hide the information or features that they are looking for. To support our customers’ needs, we have been working hard to provide clear Call to Action buttons. This clarity makes it easier for the customer to find, for example, the right electricity price, immerse themselves in their energy consumption, or report errors. Customer feedback has been invaluable for us to know that we are guiding them properly. If the customers showed that they did not understand, then we went back to the drawing board to meet their expectations and needs better, says Erik Westerdahl, project manager at Rebel and Bird.

It is easy for the editors to make quick updates to the site to provide their customers with the best service.

Öresundskraft has 400 employees who, through customer-driven business development, offer sustainable energy and communication solutions. Together with its 125 000 customers, they create smart services and resource-efficient energy use every day. The City of Helsingborg owns Öresundskraft. With a product range of electricity, biogas, district heating, district cooling, broadband, a city hub for Internet of Things, and other energy services, they embody their vision: “Energy for a better world. Power for the region”.

Brief facts about the project 

Assignments: Digital business development

Technology: Episerver and Aurelia

Website: www.oresundskraft.se

Competencies in the project: UX designer, system architect, frontend developer, backend developer, business developer, digital strategist, content strategist and project manager.