Today, Rebel & Academy kicks off!

Today is a big day, today, developers and project managers start our brand's new trainee program.

With Rebel & Academy, we at Rebel & Bird have the opportunity to help more people get a kick-start into the industry by giving them both jobs and education, at the same time. The program runs for six months, and in the meantime, they have access to their own mentor and a well-planned curriculum that will help them become even better developers or project managers and consultants. During the period, they receive salaries and work with real assignments and customers.

We have asked some questions to Ebba Zimmerman (third from left of picture), who will start as a project manager with us.

Why did you choose to apply to Rebel & Academy?

I came in contact with Rebel & Bird through my education on Hyper Island where I had Antoaneta, Jasmin and Joni from Rebel & Bird as a lecturer. I was very inspired in their way of thinking.After my education, I wanted to look for a workplace where you can influence and change. Which Rebel & Bird really does for their customers. When I saw that Rebel & Bird was looking for people for their trainee program, I felt that it was a perfect mix between an internship and full-time employment. You are expected to perform as part employment but with the support and mentorship that exists in an internship. A good entrance into working life.

What are your expectations for the trainee program?

Hopes are to get started to start working now that I have studied. I am super-tagged at delivering things that are actually for real assignments and customers. Getting to take advantage of proper mentoring and get after others. I have long thought about becoming a project manager, and now I get to know that role in a real context. I look forward to learning new things and sharing with everyone else's experiences. To develop within the role of the project manager but also to learn more about the industry.

What do you think can be the biggest challenge for you during the program?

My challenge as a trainee will probably be daring to take on the role of a project manager fully. Dare to be confident with the customer and the others in my project. But that's what I'm here for, to learn that. To become a good project manager.