Filmstaden bokningssystem

Updated booking system for a safe cinema experience at Filmstaden

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

Rebel and Bird is one of the suppliers that has worked hard in recent weeks to help Filmstaden with updating their booking system applied for social distancing, both for the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Finally, all movie lovers can watch films at Filmstadens cinemas again, obviously, safely and securely following the restrictions of the Public Health Authority. The updated booking system ensures social distance when guests book their tickets.

For me, who works with Filmstaden, the responsibility for social distancing mustn't fall on the guest. It is something we should be responsible for as we have now ensured that the technology handles it. When guests buy their tickets, they know that they have seats that meet the restrictions that exist. Now all guests can enjoy their cinema experience safely, says Magnus Olsson, Backend developer at Rebel and Bird.

The system ensures that no more than 50 seats can be booked per show, regardless of the size of the cinema. To follow the distance recommendations, both seats and rows are left blank when required.

Before the reopening of our cinemas, it was a prerequisite to offer a ticket booking that handles the social distance. I am thrilled and proud of the work we, together with Rebel and Bird, have done to secure it, says Jennie Granborn, Head of Digital at Filmstaden.

When the guest is to book their tickets, the seat selector makes it impossible to book places closer than the distance recommendations from an already booked seat.

The chairs around the handicapped accessible places are always unbookable to ensure that the seats are still available.