Visiting Jordan with King

In early October, we flew to Jordan with King. We met with students and companies in tech and game development to exchange experiences, talk about diversity, and present the game engine Defold.

“It was an incredibly inspiring journey and super fun to be able to do with King that we have worked closely with for several years in various projects. Rebel and Bird have conducted educations and lectures in the past, including at Hyper Island, Berghs, and the tech incubator Sting here in Sweden, but this was something else. I was surprised by the enormous interest there was to learn more about how we work in the Nordic countries and the willingness to exchange experiences in game design, development, and entrepreneurship”, says Rebel and Birds’, Benjamin Glaser.

The trip was made in collaboration with telecommunications operator Umniah from Jordan and included visits to Jordanian universities and schools, a two-day Defold education, and ended with a big Game Jam where participants were able to build a game on the theme of diversity.

Umniah has long been a partner with EconoWin working to achieve a more even gender distribution in working life. So based on how we at Rebel and Bird view the world and King’s work on diversity issues, it felt both completely natural and enjoyable to carry out this journey where diversity was a red thread.

Benjamin Glaser lectured on game design and entrepreneurship together with Björn Ritzl from King, who gave concrete tips on how to use the game engine Defold. They also gave the participants a picture of what the tech scene looks like in Sweden, how to reach a wider international audience, and showed how King works with game design and prototyping.

“We are curious to see what will happen to the game development industry in Jordan next. It is in its infancy today, with a dozen slightly more successful companies that have primarily reached out to the region. Still, there is an incredible will and drive, and it is beginning to emerge more and more forums and networks to get involved, it feels incredibly exciting to be a part of that journey”, says Benjamin Glaser.

The appreciation of the visit to Jordan was so great that the collaboration with Umniah continues in the form of an organized game jam that will run online. The first prize will be a trip for several Jordanian game developers here to Sweden and a full training week together with Defold and King.