A brand new brand

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In short

B3 Consulting group was not only in need of a new website but also a new identity. They wanted to refine their offer with a focus on a clearer “Call-to-action,” in a modern design that stands out from other consulting companies. The site now serves as a shop window for B3 with a focus on attracting interest and making the visitor curious to know more.

Developed in partnership with 
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A perfect way to showcase cases and events from B3's 30+ companies.

The goals achieved

After launching the new website visitors stay longer, visit more pages and the bounce rate has decreased.

Easy to communicate

B3’s editors have a new and fast platform for publishing exciting content.

"We have now laid the foundation for presenting B3 in line with our new brand that was launched a year ago, and in the future work more data-driven to develop and adapt the content."

- Head of communications, B3 Consulting Group

The site is built with Contentful together with GatsbyJS and React. This combination provides better opportunities for a data-driven way of working. The new brand design aims to stand out in comparison to other consulting companies. That is why B3 has got bold typography, bright colors, plenty of air, and a better user interface. Now the structure is more straightforward to navigate through, the content is easier to access, and the site has a bold expression with clear messages for all the companies in the business group.