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Epiroc is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative drilling rigs and construction equipment used in everything from the residential gardens of Ljungskile to the Slussen project and the mines in Kiruna. Working closely with B3 Commit, Rebel and Bird helped Epiroc to define and create a new digital customer platform for the mining and infrastructure industry, called “My Epiroc”.

Developed in partnership with 
B3 Commit
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My Epiroc provides you with the tools needed to keep track of your fleet and its operational status.

Countries where My Epiroc is available


1,157 machines in the system

Quickly access fault reports, service schedules, order tracking and support requests for individual machines in the users' local languages.

"Rebel and Bird are always challenging our ideas making them even better than expected. This has proven to be a success driver for our project. Rebel and Bird always exceed our expectations and make you feel that they are a partner you can count on. Always."

- Program Manager for My Epiroc.

Together with B3 Commit, we have created a simple-to-use platform-independent tool that enables Epiroc's customers to take control of their fleet. Users receive notifications about fault reports, missed services, order updates, or unplanned downtime for individual machines. Scalable features are continually updated based on end-user feedback resulting in a truly meaningful user experience and a strengthening of the relationship with Epiroc.