Redefining the digital cinema experience

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It was time for movie lovers to find Filmstaden's enhanced movie going experiences that include such features as IMAX, VIP lounges and the biggest movie premieres. We set out to make it simple, quick and spontaneous and delivered an online experience that was so good the client thought their phone line had broken. Crazy huh? Wanna watch a movie? Buy your tickets, gift a friend and use your loyalty points – simply by using your phone. See you there!

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Nominated for the Swedish Design Awards 2019

Reduced calls to customer service


Filmstaden was named the best entertainment site in Sweden

In 2018, Filmstaden’s site was named the best entertainment site and listed as one of Sweden's Top 100 best sites by IDG.

"The new web site has delivered beyond expectations and we are very happy to receive confirmation that we have invested in the right things. We look forward to continue developing our digital channels together with Rebel and Bird."

- Head of Digital, Filmstaden

The site is designed to satisfy the needs of three different cinema personalities. New blockbusters up top to inspire those who only watch movies a few times a year and who check in to be inspired. For those who already see a lot of movies at the cinema, we added easy access to see what’s new. And for those who plan their visits long in advance, the booking calendar is right before your eyes. The site was so good that there were hardly any calls regarding the site to customer support at the Norwegian market. Filmstaden first believed the telephone line was out of order. After the launch, the calls went down from 250 to 10 calls a month. In 2020 we also launched Filmstadens new app available in both Google Play and App Store.