A closer relationship between data and people

Content Strategy
Project Management

In short

Formpipe is a value driven software company that needed a new website to communicate their solutions, for both new and more than 5500 existing customers across industries worldwide. To create this one website they turned to Rebel and Bird.

Developed in partnership with 
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New leads quicker than ever.

Direct exchange

It wasn't even a day after the web launch before Formpipe got their first lead on a product that was previously unavailable in the portfolio on the website.

Easy to find the right solution

The website is created to be able to quickly take the visitor from the big picture with all solutions to a specific solution tailored for that specific customer.

"The web project has been a decisive factor in bringing our joint message to all our external stakeholders, and primarily our customers.
By making our entire product portfolio available to our target groups, regardless of region or industry. Our mission is to build valuable relationships between data and people. Now, through our website,
we can ensure that more people get that particular help."

– Brand Manager, Formpipe

Rebel and Bird also helped Formpipe with a content strategy. The strategy work began with a workshop. The result was guidelines regarding tonality and content. These guidelines made it easier for Formpipe to communicate in a uniform way — for example the tonality for the different language versions of the website and how texts should be structured.