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Project Management

In short

Rebel and Bird partnered with Öresundskraft to create a world class user experience. By combining streamlined functionality with a new, rich brand presentation the solution resulted in more satisfied customers and fewer service calls.

Developed in partnership with 
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We set out to create a platform that was easy to use for both internal and external users.

Customer satisfaction


Not an easy task

Going from 1 200 pages to less than 120 isn’t easy but that’s just what we did. We simplified and focused the user journeys on what matters. The result was a quicker, easier user experience that increased customer satisfaction.

"We are on an exciting journey where we want to do a thorough digitalization of our business and at the same time, build world-class customer experience. We chose Rebel and Bird and B3 as a partner on our journey and the feeling is that we are on an excellent road. In our development, we work agile and customer-driven and the first feedback from our customers is very positive."

- Head of Consumer, Öresundskraft

The project started with a small beta version of the website, which we built up piece by piece. During the whole project, Öresundkraft’s customers provided feedback continuously about the new site. That feedback has been invaluable for knowing that we were guiding them properly. If customers showed that they didn’t understand, we went back to the drawing board to meet their expectations and needs in a better way.