Parks and Resorts - Gröna Lund

Speed up the excitement

Project Management

In short

A day at the funfair or the zoo shouldn’t be about standing in endless lines. Parks and Resorts, owner of four of Sweden’s biggest amusement parks, challenged Rebel and Bird to create a fantastic customer experience - both physical and digital. Plan your visit way in advance, let your phone guide you through all the different experiences the parks have to offer and get first in line by buying your ride ticket right outside the attraction in your phone. Everything designed in a true funfair look.

Developed in partnership with 
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Growth experiments showed the way

A / B testing on existing sites found the best way to sell tickets on the webpage. By trying different contrast colors and copy for the ticket element.

Increased online sales 


"We are very excited about our new Gröna Lund website. The design has a real funfair feeling. It's gorgeous! We're now experiencing the benefits of having all the amusement parks on a common platform. And the fun has just begun – we have many great features waiting to be released."

- Digital Manager, Parks and Resorts

Parks and Resorts’ websites are some of the fastest out there. A world-class performance solution built on Contentful together with Azure and Gatsby. It’s a huge advantage to have a common platform for all the park’s websites and so much easier to administer – everything in one place. The various components within the platform can be used across all the parks, be fast implemented, and best of all, it saves a ton of money.