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A day at the funfair or the zoo shouldn’t be about standing in endless lines. Parks and Resorts, owner of four of Sweden’s biggest amusement parks, challenged Rebel and Bird to create a fantastic customer experience - both physical and digital. Plan your camping and book the perfect cabin for your family adventure way in advance. Let your phone guide you through all the different experiences the parks have to offer and have a wonderful stay.

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Shared platform = fast launch

Fourth site on shared platform

Skara Summerlands' website took advantage of all the experience from Rebel and Birds’ data-driven working methods from the other parks' websites. All results from A / B tests and experiments have benefited the development of the site.

Collecting Data

We’re waiting on googles’ spiders to come back from their treasure hunt, stay tuned for awesome insight and fun data.

"It’s incredible to see how four major theme park sites can benefit from each other on a common digital platform. After Vildmarkshotellet and Kolmårdens websites, which launched first, it went super fast to get the remaining three sites up and running. An incredibly effective way for us to manage our digital business."

- Digital Manager, Parks and Resorts

The websites of Parks and Resorts (Kolmården, Gröna Lund, Skara Sommarland, and Furuvik) are being brought together on a common platform. This way, it makes it easy to update all information for all parks from one place, which simplifies the work of the editors. Also, all developed solutions can apply to all amusement park sites, which is cost-effective and quickly implemented.