The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation

Easy to be heartful


In short

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation wanted to increase donations through digital channels and at the same time make it easier for the marketers to create great landing pages and for the editors to write and maintain critical information on the website. In time for the very important Valentines' day campaign we released the Heart-Lung Foundations’ new website with better user experience, beautiful sleek design on a platform better suited for their needs, and most importantly; it will generate more money for vital research.

Developed in partnership with 
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Improved donor experience through data-driven solutions.

Conversion rate increased


Page load time

70% faster

"Rebel and Bird have delivered a new website to the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation in a timely fashion with a new modern technology stack. The site gives the Heart-Lung Foundation better opportunities to communicate with donors and the general public and to raise money for vital research."

– Head of IT, the  Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

The Heart-Lung Foundation got a new CMS platform, Contentful, where editors get a lot more freedom in their work. The site load times and overall performance were greatly improved based on an architecture utilizing Kubernetes and microservices. It is combined with GatsbyJs and static site generation, increasing both the conversion rate and overall experience for the end-users.