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We are a Stockholm based multi-disciplined agency working with accelerated growth (some say growth hacking). We are at the digital forefront working extensively with the growth team at Spotify, experimenting, learning and improving the methods for sustainable growth of online services. We also apply our know-how in traditional sectors like insurance and health-care, working with Förenade Liv and Stockholms läns landsting.

You will be a critical part of a growing, evolving company. We give you the freedom and opportunities to grow and and take on ever new challenges in a supportive community of peers. With the freedom comes the power and responsibility to push yourself to reach your goals and take an active role in shaping the future you want. If you like that, you’ll love working with us!

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Senior Interactive Designer

As an Interactive Designer at Rebel & Bird, you will help us create some of the most compelling online experiences in the world.

Our clients are as varied as can be, including e-health, insurance, media and retail. As an Interactive Designer, you will need to be able to move from one project to the next without missing a beat.

We act as growth partner to our clients, meaning our focus is on improving business metrics in everything we do. You will love it here if you are multifaceted and collaborative, and have a sincere passion for turning complex requirements into beautiful applications and web sites. You should also enjoy creating data driven global marketing campaigns.

This is an opportunity to define and reinvent the digital space, and a passion for doing just that is critical. We want people who believe in their skills and their perspective. You are an experienced designer, ready for the challenge of being a design owner and strategic partner to our clients. You know how to convert user, business, and market insights into design strategy. You are a master at crafting beautiful products. You know that a great design process involves the team and organization, and you are apt at cranking out prototypes to showcase ideas.

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Product Owner, Growth

In the role as Product Owner, Growth you will be responsible to help our clients grow their products by developing product and market strategies to reach, engage and retain new users. You will work with multiple teams both internally at Rebel & Bird and externally in the client’s organisation, ranging from business development, design, engineering to marketing, sales and support. You will be the driving force to execute and deliver results, navigating at ease the cross-functional landscape needed for state-of-the-art digital product development.

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Frontend Developer

Being a developer at Rebel & Bird you will be part of creating some of the most innovative digital experiences online. It may be internal projects or work together with our clients.

You are a versatile developer that know how to apply the right tools for the right job. You consider yourself a master of many trades but fully understand, and enjoy, all it takes to do successful frontend development. If you’re also into mobile and backend stuff, that is a definitive plus! What you don’t know you see as a great opportunity to dig in and learn about.

You enjoy being part of building a company and be the force to create opportunities that makes you thrive.

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