2020 - the year of digital change

This year has been challenging and transformative. Like everyone else, we have certainly had our downs, but we have also managed to achieve fantastic things that we are very proud of this year. We have helped our customers with something very important, digital change.

We love to make a difference.

Everyone at Rebel and Bird strives to make a positive impact. So it warms our hearts to be able to help with what we do best. Like when we helped Filmstaden update their booking system for social distancing, both for the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Filmstaden's customers can go to the cinemas again safely following the restrictions of the Public Health Authority. For Kolmården, we made it possible for their customers to buy tickets in advance and book entrance slots from Kolmården's website. Their visitors could also purchase food from the restaurants directly from the app and get noticed when their food is ready to be picked up. 

– It is inspiring to have customers who make it possible for our work to make a big difference for many people, says Jonas Elgquist, CEO at Rebel and Bird. 
Awarded for our work

We are extremely happy and proud of the awards our work has received this year.

Launched sites 2020

In addition to helping with corona-adapted solutions, we have launched a lot more during the year.

  • Hjärt-Lungfonden’s website was launched in April and the results were successful, the conversion rate increased by 46% – and they got a 70% faster website.
  • Formpipe’s website was also launched in April and it wasn't even a day after the web launch until Formpipe got their first lead on a product that was previously unavailable in the portfolio on the website.
  • Bambuser’s website it was important to move fast from first briefing to launch. So it was launched in June in record time.
  • Filmstaden got a new app with a genuine cinema feeling permeates the whole experience and new purchase flow.
  • Sjöhem’s website was launched in December. Sweden's first site for listing residential objects located close to Swedish lakes, seas or mountains.
New friends of Rebel and Bird
Growthpodden live at several events
  • Growthpodden was live on stage at Analytics Day in Stockholm together with Johanna Uddståhl Friberg from Paradox Interactive and Joost de Schepper from Spotify
  • Growthpodden was live on stage at D-Congress in Gothenburg together with Parks and Resorts about Gröna Lund’s AB-testing.