Mustaschkampen 2019

Rebel and Bird is Mustaschampen’s new digital partner

Better user experience and great SEO should help more people get involved in supporting Mustaschkampen’s fantastic work.

Mustaschkampen’s annual campaign runs during the fall and winter every year in favor of research about prostate cancer and male health. Behind the campaign stands the Prostate Cancer Association, together with its 27 patient associations, eight main partners and about 500 companies and organizations. The campaign aims to raise money for research and development, advocacy for better prostate cancer care and to get men to care more about their lifestyle and health.

It’s impressive to see how many companies, associations and private individuals that want to join and support our work in different ways. To take advantage of this incredible commitment and inspire even more people to participate in Mustaschkampen, we chose to start a collaboration with Rebel and Bird. We are impressed by Rebel and Bird’s creative and professional staff and look forward to the launch this autumn, says Maria Ahlvik, communicator of the Prostate Cancer Association, Mustaschkampen.

During the collaboration, we will develop a new site for Mustaschkampen that provides clear information about prostate cancer and a better user experience that engages the visitors. We will also improve the SEO of Mustaschkampen and gain a better understanding of visitors’ behavior with a big data analysis. It gives us a good basis for understanding user behavior and, in this way, continually developing the site.

Getting to work with Mustaschkampen, that fights Sweden’s most common cancer, feels both responsible and fun. We enjoy working for a better future, which in the long term can save both lives and entire families, says Erik Westerdahl, Growth Lead at Rebel and Bird.