Rebel and Bird teams up with Bizzkit

Skriven av Matilda Johansson

We are very excited to announce that Rebel and Bird is teaming up with Bizzkit to create great e-commerce experiences.

Bizzkit is an e-commerce platform with roots in data management and with a vision to create an optimal relationship between data, content, interrelations and digital asset management. A platform, which is based on standard Microsoft technology but is able to handle the individual business needs by being flexible.

– Bizzkit have made an exciting entrance on the Swedish market and we are very pleased to be able to present this partnership. The Bizzkit platform enables powerful scaling that fits perfect in our portfolio for the e-commerce segment, says Andreas Eriksson, Sales Manager at Rebel and Bird.

– With Rebel and Bird, we have an extremely strong partner. Their ambitions and dedication are unmistakable, as the two great rankings at Topp100 2020 are clear proof of. From the start, Rebel and Bird has set the bar high with the ambitions of a specialized, in-house Bizzkit team, which will help even more of their customers to the top of the Swedish and Nordic e-commerce scene. We are really pleased to welcome Rebel and Bird as a Solution Partner and look forward to working with them, says Patrick Swedén, country Manager at Bizzkit.