Stylish design details adorn the Mustaschkampen’s new website

Rebel and Bird are proud to have created the new Mustaschkampen’s site built in Webflow and will help them increase donations in favor of prostate cancer.

Have you noticed the little mustache that moves when you hover over it? Mustaschkampen’s new site is elegant, stylish, and straightforward. The site will increase donations to fight prostate cancer with a Swish App2App integration, which makes it easy to Swish in a grant quickly.

For organizations that are not heavily dependent on integrations with other systems for their websites and want a simple CMS for the editors, Webflow is unbeatable. It is easy and swift to build a site in Webflow, and the editors make it very easy to update the website according to their wishes. It’s easy to make those little extra lovely details too.

Mustaschkampen’s annual campaign is underway for the benefit of prostate cancer and male health. The prostate cancer association, together with its 27 patient associations, nine main partners, and about 500 companies and organizations, are behind the campaign. The purpose is to raise money for research and development, opinion formation for better prostate cancer care, and to get men to care more about their lifestyle and health.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at Mustaschkampen’s new site and take the opportunity to help fight prostate cancer!