Filmstadens nya app

The new app for Filmstaden - a faster mobile experience

Rebel and Bird have developed a new Filmstaden app with updated visuals, interactions, and technology making a faster and more intuitive experience possible. This new version was launched earlier this week.

Filmstaden's app has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now on an entirely new technical platform, which provides a more stable and faster app experience. It also has an updated design language and an intuitive interface where the cinema visitor is focused. A genuine cinema feeling permeates the whole experience.

The new app has been given a new purchase flow based on several user studies. This has resulted in a new screen where the entire purchase flow is collected and presented clearly to the user on one page.

The app should be the easiest and fastest way for our guests to keep track of what goes to the cinema and buy tickets. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for some time. Therefore, it feels extra fun to now launch our new app. The development's focus has been performance and user-friendliness - all to meet our guests' expectations, Jennie Granbom, Head of Digital at Filmstaden.

The updated search function in the app is faster and better and now lets the customer search for addresses, cities, cinemas, genres, actors and voice actors.

It has been an impressive effort from the team and together they have come up with a fantastic solution. Now Filmstaden will be able to drive growth through the app in a much simpler and more efficient way, Jonas Elgquist, CEO at Rebel and Bird.